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About Us
Establishment May-18,1955
Capital 50 million yen
President Masahiro Okuno
Head Quarters 1-2-12 Saiwaicho Naniwa-ku Osaka
Main Products electronics and bicycle tools
TEL +81 - 6 -6567-3111
FAX +81 - 6 -6562-0024
E-mail mail
URL http://www.hozan.co.jp/E/
HOZAN history
1951 Manufacturing and sales of electronics tools started.
1977 Soldering irons with ceramic heaters were put on the market for the first time in the world.
1979 High precision cutting pliers and static electricity measure products were put on the market.
1982 100V type soldering irons H-130 which weighs just only 16g were put on the market for the first time in the world.
1988 The hot wind formula flat IC removal machine HS-600 for SMD was put on the market.
1990 The optical apparatuses for precision inspection were put on the market.
1994 Tip part removal machines HS-400 were put on the market.
1998 The new style small lightweight crimping tools P-732 acquired JIS standard.
2000 The lead-free solders, easy on the earth's environment, was put on the market.
2003 The plastic tip tweezers P-825 which weighs just only 8g were put on the market.
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