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Cutters & Pliers
Wire strippers
Screwdrivers & Wrenches
Metal working
Parts cases
Tool cases
Tool kits
Soldering irons & Solder
Parts & Solder removal equipment
Measuring instruments
Optical equipment
Antistatic products
Clean products
Maintenance & Safety products
Cutters & Pliers
Precision series
N-55 Precision Diagonal Cutter
N-57 Precision Diagonal Cutter
N-58 Precision Diagonal Cutter
P-51 Precision Pliers
Miniature cutters / Plastic cutters
N-31 Miniature Diagonal Cutter
N-32 Miniature Diagonal Cutter
N-33 Miniature End Cutter
N-34 Miniature Diagonal Cutter
N-35 Miniature Diagonal Cutter
N-36 Miniature End Cutter
N-25 Plastic Cutter
N-993 Cutting Tweezers
Standard cutters
N-4-125 Diagonal Cutter
N-4-150 Diagonal Cutter
N-5-125 Diagonal Cutter with Stripper
N-5-150 Diagonal Cutter with Stripper
N-9-125 Diagonal Cutter with Stripper
N-9-150 Diagonal Cutter with Stripper
N-12 Diagonal Cutter
N-23 Diagonal Cutter
Scissors / Wire cutters
N-838 Snips
N-839 Snips
N-841 Snips
N-16 Wire Cutter
N-18 Cable Cutter
Miniature pliers
P-34 Miniature Flat Nose Pliers
P-35 Miniature Long Nose Pliers
P-36 Miniature Long Nose Pliers
P-37 Miniature Long Nose Pliers
P-39 Miniature Round Nose Pliers
Standard pliers
P-12 Bent Nose Pliers
P-14-125 Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter
P-14-150 Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter
P-15-125 Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter
P-15-150 Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter
P-16 Flat Nose Pliers
P-22 Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter
Lineman's pliers / Slip joint pliers
P-220 Chain Pliers
P-221 Chain Pliers
P-59-175 Lineman's Pliers
P-57-175 Pliers with Side Cutter
P-57-200 Pliers with Side Cutter
P-43-150 Pliers with Side Cutter
P-43-175 Pliers with Side Cutter
P-211Z-150 Slip Joint Pliers
P-211Z-200 Slip Joint Pliers
P-214 Nut Pliers
P-244 Water Pump Pliers
P-245 Water Pump Pliers
P-213B Screw Pliers
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