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Cutters & Pliers
Wire strippers
Screwdrivers & Wrenches
Metal working
Parts cases
Tool cases
Tool kits
Soldering irons & Solder
Parts & Solder removal equipment
Measuring instruments
Optical equipment
Antistatic products
Clean products
Maintenance & Safety products
Metal working
Milling machines / Pattern cutters
K-280 Milling Machine
K-109 Mini Router
Desk drill presses
K-16 Desk Drill Press
K-21 Desk Drill Press
K-50 XY-Table
K-53 V-Block
K-24 Vise
K-26 Vise
K-25 Bench Vises
K-5/493/494/495 Drill Bit Set
K-501 Pin Vise
K-502 Pin Vise
Circular saws / PCB cutters
K-210 Circular Saw
K-110 Circular Saw
K-111 Circular Saw
Band saws / Sheet metal benders / Nibbler
K-100 Band Saw
K-130 Sheet Metal Bender
K-88 Hand Bibbling Tool
Drilling tools
K-83 Chassis Punch Kit
K-441 Taper Reamer
K-437 Tap
K-431 Tap Set
K-437A/K-438A Tap Handle
Polishing pads / Pipe cutters
K-140/141/142 Polishing Pads
K-145 Polishing Pad Holder
K-35 Deburring Tool
K-203 Pipe Cutter
K-128 Hacksaw
K-150 File Set
K-155 File Set
K-160 to 164 File
K-170 to 174 File
K-215 File Set
K-216 File Set
K-180 to 184 Diamond Files
Sand blasters
SG-106 Sand Blaster
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