S-201 100V

S-201-230 230V

  • custom
  • shoulder belt
  • 21l
Weight 5.8 kg
Accessory Tool pallet
Kit contents : 37 pieces
Precision Screwdriver
mark No.0
D-20-11 Lineman's Pliers P-43-175
Precision Screwdriver
mark No.1
D-20-12 Screw Pliers P-213B
Precision Screwdriver
mark 1.2
D-20-14 Tweezers P-880
Precision Screwdriver
mark 1.8
D-20-15 Hex Wrench 0.71 mm W-99
Precision Screwdriver
mark 2.3
D-20-16 Hex Wrench 0.89 mm
Precision Screwdriver
mark 3.0
D-20-17 Hex Wrench 1.27 mm
Reversible Screwdriver
mark No.00 / mark 2.5
D-52 Hex Wrench 1.5 mm
Reversible Screwdriver
mark No.1 / mark 4.0
D-54 Hex Wrench 1.6 mm
Phillips Screwdriver
mark No.0
D-540-100 Hex Wrench 2.0 mm
Phillips Screwdriver
mark No.2
D-555-100 Hex Wrench 2.5 mm
Slotted Screwdriver
mark 5.5
D-655-100 Hex Wrench 3.0 mm
Nut Driver 5.5 mm D-840-5.5 Hex Wrench 4.0 mm
Nut Driver 7 mm D-840-7 Adjustable Wrench W-230-150
Soldering Iron Stand H-11 Measure Tape Z-341
Soldering Iron H-270 Desolder Braid  
Solder H-700 Utility Knife  
Diagonal Cutter with Stripper N-9-150 Work Gloves  
Snips N-838 Caster Wheels × 2  
Long Nose Pliers
with Side Cutter


■Optional item

■2 pack・for B-701

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■External dimensions:445(W)× 335(H)× 200(D)mm

■Internal dimensions:430(W)× 320(H)× 150(D)mm

■Weight:3.2 kg


■Load capacity:10 kg

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