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Wire strippers
Screwdrivers & Wrenches
Metal working
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Soldering irons & Solder
Parts & Solder removal equipment
Measuring instruments
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Tool cases
Case size indications
The "case size" is indicated as the inner and outer dimensions.
[Example: S-175]  
External dimensions: 445(W) × 320 (H) × 115 (D) mm
Internal dimensions: 437 (W) × 306(H) ×
(bottom depth 65 + top depth 36) (D) mm
External dimensions 425 (W) × 295 (H) mm
Weight 420 g
* Can also be stored in the top of B-80 / 600 / 606 / 640 / 660 / 670 / 675 / 680 / 685 / 730 / 770.
B-80 Tool Case
B-81 Tool Case
Aluminum alloy sheets
B-600 Tool Case
B-606 Tool Case
B-640 Tool Case
B-675 Tool Case
B-67 Tool Case
S-176 Tool Case
B-670 Tool Case
B-693 Attache Case
B-94 Blow-Molded Case
A4 size and smaller / Nylon / Polyester / Tool bags
S-107 Tool Bag
B-711 Tool Bag
B-712 Roll-Up Pouch
B-98 Roll-Up Pouch
B-730 Tool Bag
B-722 Tool Bag
B-701 Tool Bag
Tool boxes
B-54-B Tool Box
B-55-B Tool Box
B-56-B Tool Box
B-82 Tool Box
B-83 Tool Box
B-85 Tool Box
B-73 Container
B-87 Shock-Absorbing Foam
B-88 Shock-Absorbing Foam
B-89 Shock-Absorbing Foam
B-530 Container
B-500 Container
B-503 Container
B-505 Container
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