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Over high-def inspection image camera equipped with 5.0Mega pixel CMOS image sensor.
High performance, lot of functions, simply USB installation and it's also very reasonably priced.

●Stress-free, really 30 frames per second capturing.

●With a female camera screw enables to fix to a tripods, accessory arm.

●In kit viewer application provides you easily operation for every functions each.

Image sensor 1 / 2.5" CMOS
Display resolution
2592 × 1944 (5.0 Mega pixels)
Save resolution
2592 × 1944 (5.0 Mega pixels)
1280 × 960 (1.2 Mega pixels)
Maximum frame rate 30 fps ( 640 × 480 )
10 fps ( 2592 × 1944 )
Lens mount type C Mount
Rated voltage 5VDC(USB)
Power consumption 0.35 W
Hardware requirement OS: Windows 8 or later.(32bit and 64bit version)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz
or over recommended
Main memory: 1GB or over
of hard disk:
20GB or over
USB 2.0
Software HOZAN USB cam software
External dimensions 50(W) × 50(H) × 46.6(D)mm
Weight 170 g

■Cord length:1.8m


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