(ground resistance & voltage leakage meter)

■With exclusive 2-pin conversion adaptor and ground cord with plug.

Leakage voltage Resolution 0.1 mV
Measurement range 0 to 199.9 mV
Accuracy ±(5 %rdg + 1dgt)
Ground resistance Resolution 0.1 Ω
Measurement range 0 to 199.9 Ω
Accuracy ±(5%rdg + 1dgt)
Max. readout 199.9 count (Burnout : 1)
Sampling rate 2 times / sec.
Power supply 9 V Laminated (6F22) battery × 1
Battery life Approx. 20 hours (continuous use)
(with a "low voltage" warning)
External dimensions 71(W)× 31(H)× 125(D)mm
(not including the protruding part)
Weight 300 g

(with calibration certificate)

  • 校正証明書
  • 試験成績表

* Because the certificate will bear the purchaser's name (company name, etc.) , your name is required when ordering.


DT-570 measurement method
  • ①Turn the POWER ON, and set the MODE to Ω or mV. Connect the dedicated ground cord to the unit, then touch one end to the plate and record the measurement (V1 or R1) (See Fig.1).
  • ②Using the dedicated adapter, connect the 3-wire type soldering iron, then turn the power ON and set to the maximum temperature (see Fig.2).
  • ③Connect the dedicated ground cord and the dedicated adapter.
    After the temperature stabilizes, touch the tip in the center of the plate, then record that value (V2 or R2).
    Use the recorded values and the formula below to make the calculation.
    Leakage voltage V= V2 - V1, or Ground resistance R = R2 - R1

Example: Leakage voltage
When V1=0.1 and V2=0.7, V = 0.7 - 0.1 = 0.6 mV.