Weight 2.6 kg
Accessory Tool pallet
Kit contents : 24 pieces
Reversible Screwdriver
No.00 / 2.5
D-52 Adjustable Wrench W-230-150
Reversible Screwdriver
No.1 / 4.0
D-54 Measure Tape Z-341
Reversible Screwdriver
No.2 / 5.5
D-58 LED Flashlight  
Diagonal Cutter with Stripper N-9-150 Utility Knife  
Snips N-838 Work Gloves  
Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter P-15-150
Slip Joint Pliers P-211Z-150
Screw Pliers P-213B
Tweezers P-87
Flat Wrench 5.5 × 7 mm W-76
Flat Wrench 8 × 10 mm
Flat Wrench 12 × 14 mm
Hex Wrench 1.27 mm W-91
Hex Wrench 1.5 mm
Hex Wrench 1.6 mm
Hex Wrench 2.0 mm
Hex Wrench 2.4 mm
Hex Wrench 3.0 mm
Hex Wrench 3.2 mm



■External dimensions:390(W)× 350(H)× 180(D)mm

■Internal dimensions:380(W)× 295(H)× 170(D)mm

■Weight:650 g


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