External dimensions 413(W)× 242(H)× 206(D)mm
Weight 8.5 kg
Kit contents: 48 pieces
Reversible Screwdriver
No.00 / 2.5
D-52 Adjustable Wrench W-230-150
Reversible Screwdriver
No.1 / 4.0
D-54 Adjustable Wrench W-230-250
Reversible Screwdriver
No.2 / 5.5
D-58 Open End Wrench
5.5 × 7 mm
Reversible Stubby Screwdriver
No.2 / 6.0
D-59 Open End Wrench
8 × 10 mm
Electrician's Slotted Screwdriver
D-331-150 Open End Wrench
11 × 13 mm
Electrician's Slotted Screwdriver
D-332-150 Open End Wrench
12 × 14 mm
LED Voltage Checker D-745 Open End Wrench
17 × 19 mm
Hacksaw K-128 Open End Wrench
22 × 24 mm
File Round K-170 Precision Oiler Z-64
File Hand K-172 Measure Tape Z-341
Diagonal Cutter with Stripper N-9-150 LED Flashlight  
Snips N-838 Hammer  
Long Nose Pliers
with Side Cutter
P-15-150 Plastic Hammer  
Lineman's Pliers P-43-175 Utility Knife (Large)  
Tweezers P-86-125 Electrical Tape  
Screw Pliers P-213B Shielding Tape  
Water Pump Pliers P-245 Type Brush  
Crimping Tool P-704 Side Brush  
Wire Stripper P-968 Brass Brush  
Hex Wrench 1.5 mm W-96 Work Gloves  
Hex Wrench 2.0 mm
Hex Wrench 2.5 mm
Hex Wrench 3.0 mm
Hex Wrench 4.0 mm
Hex Wrench 5.0 mm
Hex Wrench 6.0 mm
Hex Wrench 8.0 mm
Hex Wrench 10.0 mm



■External dimensions:413(W)× 242(H)× 206(D)mm

■Weight:3.8 kg

■Load capacity:30 kg


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